On Friday last week, I launched Factile at http://www.factile.net. It is a free and open source survey platform that I created and aims at making the job of data collection and analysis simpler.

It supports a** variety of question types** (Text boxes, Radio buttons, Check boxes, Combo boxes (dropdowns), Text areas, Plain texts, matrix of choices/ rating scales). The surveys generated are fully mobile device compatible. So you can create a survey and share it with people to take on iPads/ iPhones/ BackBerry/ Samsung S2s, really, anywhere! It is truly free and unlimited. There is zero usage cost, and you can add as much content to your survey as you like. And, if you wanted to download it and install on your infrastructure, you can!

Whats more? You can define logic in the survey, you can build charts of the captured data, customize the appearance of the survey to match your requirements and the best is, you can request for missing features and I’ll be happy to oblige!

Check out http://www.factile.net and let me know of what you think.