There has been a lot of buzz about this relatively new language. Its a new kid on the block, it is Lisp, functional and runs on the JVM. Nice!

But its very fact that its a Lisp scares me off. When I look at Clojure code, compact as it may be, I just see a lot of brackets. And I mean a lot of them. I was reading a deck yesterday that admitted that long time Java developers may suffer from this ‘problem’, and I do fall in that category :-)

Even if I ignore all those scary brackets, the way the code is written, it looks like prefix notation (it reminds me of Yoda in Star Wars who talked in a very funny and interesting manner, but I won’t use that dialect in practice).

I mean seriously, when I first learned about numbers and Algebra, I wrote expressions as 1 + 2, and not + 1 2. The latter is not really a natural way for me. Oh yes, I can get used to the latter too, but I think for a long time, I would just be doing a translation for myself in my head. And it would surely be slow and painful.

I must admit that this is just a feeling - I have only _seen _Clojure yet, not practiced it. And there are many things that are good in this language. For me, Scala works wonders and I intend to stick to it for now.